Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is what happens when you misbehave while camping with Grandpa. Some people would consider this child abuse. I classify it as remedial training. Look it up. No, in truth it was self inflicted. Go to the cage!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I know. Look at this little girl. She is like all the rest of my and Teresa's Great nieces and nephews, a real beauty. When Grandma told me about her my eye welled up. My congrats to Kate and Kent for a job well done.

This is good old Grandma getting her 49th birthday kiss from Zach aka. Peanut. It turn out to be a great little family get together. Yes, of course, Grandma got drunk. That's not ice water she's carrying. Graandpa stayed sobber. Yeah, right!!!!

You always want another H/D, but not one mired in birthday icing. Thanks Samantha for this one.
This is Bernie before he cut his santa beard and Hair...He cut his beard before we cut his hair also when his hair is wet it looks darker (ha,ha)

Our new addition

This is sportster, he is a 9mth old boxer that we saved. He is so sweet but he doesn't listen very well so we are going to try and get him some lessons.
He sure loves fritzy... And he sure pesters the heck out of Brutus

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Papaw and Lizzy riding on the carousel that was at the old Coney Island. Around 100 yrs or so.